Welcome Message from our Chairman

It is a privilege and honor to serve as Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus. For twenty years, the Congressional Western Caucus has been an active and effective voice in promoting Western and rural interests and values in Washington. We must build on our successes and shift the debate in Congress and across the nation.  We must focus on advancing balanced natural resources, energy and agricultural policies.

For too long, many Members of Congress and the Executive branch, as well as outside groups and organizations have chosen to ignore the fundamental principles that are so important to our Western way of life.  Whether it is battling with the Administration over unqualified  wilderness; fighting for fairness in setting grazing fees, bringing to light the EPA’s intent to circumvent congressional intent; taking on extremists over jobs killed by their lawsuits; reforming the Endangered Species Act; working to uphold the constitutional rights of private landowners; or addressing America’s energy independence and reliability; we continue to fight an up-hill battle to ensure our most basic Constitutional rights are protected.

The Obama Administration is continuing to ramp up the assault on our Western and rural communities.  With the loss of the Democratic majority in the House, extremists will focus harder than ever on the Administration for old and new designations that kill jobs and eliminate access.  As westerners, we need to be prepared to respond to these job killing actions rapidly and effectively

The 113th Congress is an exciting and challenging time for the Caucus and as Chairman I am committed to ensuring that Western voices are heard as we work together to protect the values and heritage of the West.

Steve Pearce